“Education transforms lives, builds futures, strengthens communities, and drives progress and innovation. Education is at the heart of what we do.”

— Gabriela Smith, Founder and Executive Chair

We believe that improving education access, outcomes, and graduation rates for all students is a national priority. This conviction inspires our work and drives our commitment to provide individuals with an excellent education and a clear pathway to success. We build partnerships with local and national organizations to increase their impact and advance innovation.

Our approach to education is strategic. We fund initiatives at the K-12, college, and adult level.

  • K-12 – We work to increase access to high quality education for students from underserved communities and equip schools and education systems to better serve these students and their families.
  • College – We invest in innovative programs that support social, emotional, and academic development and success for students pursuing Associate or Bachelor degrees and help students prepare for meaningful careers.
  • Adult Education – We partner with organizations that launch innovative programs to help immigrants in the Greater Washington region acquire the English language skills needed to more fully and equitably participate in the civic, social, and economic life of our country.


Resources for Advocates, Policymakers, and Funders

Crimsonbridge has collaborated on the following resources with community partners.