Helping adults acquire the English language skills needed to fully participate as engaged citizens and community members.

Learning English is critical for individuals to become citizens, acquire consumer skills, improve employment opportunities, and increase their involvement in their children’s education. Through our English Language investments, we work with nonprofit organizations that help immigrant adults acquire the English literacy needed to succeed as contributing and engaged members of the community.

The Literacy Council of Montgomery Council (LCMC) is one of the largest nonprofit literacy providers in Montgomery County, a county that is experiencing a dramatic increase in non-English speaking residents. LCMC provides free and low-cost programs in English for Speakers of Other Languages, literacy, and educational programs that strengthen language proficiency, build life skills, and foster community involvement. Support from Crimsonbridge helped LCMC expand its programs in Montgomery County. LCMC staff annually engage more than 650 volunteers to educate more than 1,780 adult learners.

The Benedictine Sisters have always served the at-risk community through Benedictine Education Assistance Community Outreach to Neighbors (BEACON). BEACON offers literacy programs to adults and empowers participants to achieve their goals by providing quality English for Speakers of Other Languages education programs. Support from Crimsonbridge helped BEACON expand its programs to meet the growing needs of adult English language learners in Prince William County, Maryland. BEACON annually engages more than 100 volunteers to educate more than 350 adult learners.

For over 20 years, the Washington English Center (WEC) has used volunteer teachers to serve thousands of adult immigrants, successfully increasing job placement and workforce support programs, student retention and advancement levels. WEC has provided English for Speakers of Other Languages and computer classes to adult immigrants, and more recently, the organization has added workplace and employment support programs. Support from Crimsonbridge helped WEC serve more students with English language, computer, and citizenship classes. WEC annually engages more than 350 volunteers to educate more than 1,600 adult students.

La Cocina VA was founded in September 2014 by Patricia Funegra to help combat unemployment, hunger and poor nutrition among her fellow Hispanic neighbors in Northern Virginia. Through a 17 week culinary-arts job training, vocational English instruction, life-skills development, job-readiness training, paid internships, job-placement assistance, wrap-around services and highly valued culinary and food-safety certifications from Northern Virginia Community College and the National Restaurant Association, La Cocina VA generates new job opportunities for low-income immigrants. Support from Crimsonbridge helped La Cocinca VA work with a consultant to produce a 13-week, content-based English curriculum focusing on the most essential vocabulary and practical English needed to be successful in the culinary arts. La Cocina’s intensive program annually serves 30 adult learners who prepare meals that feed hundreds of low income families.

Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) offers more than 150 high-quality degree, certification, licensure, enrichment, and other programs/courses of study in the areas of general education, workforce development, continuing education, and university transfer. It offers three English improvement programs that build life skills, workplace skills, and academic skills through its Continuing Education department. More than 20% of Prince George’s County’s population is now foreign-born; however, these residents are underrepresented in academic programs at PGCC and the number of those who successfully move into either credit or non-credit academic and/or workforce training programs is limited. Support from Crimsonbridge helped PGCC launch its English Language Learners Transitions Initiative to increase the number of English language learners who are aware of and prepared for enrollment in the college’s many academic and workforce training programs, allowing them to take the next steps towards reaching their personal, family, academic and employment goals. PGCC annually serves more than 700 students in its Transition and upper level Adult Education ESL programs.

“Nearly all Americans have ancestors who braved the oceans–liberty-loving risk takers in search of an ideal–the largest voluntary migrations in recorded history… Immigration is not just a link to America’s past; it’s also a bridge to America’s future.”

President George W. Bush