Creating a Communications Guide for Nonprofits, Policymakers, and Funders with Child Trends Hispanic Institute

MISSION: Child Trends is the nation’s leading nonprofit research organization focused exclusively on improving the lives and prospects of children, youth and their families. Child Trends Hispanic Institute is a national research center providing timely and insightful research-based information and guidance to improve outcomes for Latino children.

PARTNERSHIP: Informed by community leaders on the need for effective strategies to better engage and serve Hispanic families, staff from the Crimsonbridge Foundation and Child Trends Hispanic Institute worked together to conduct extensive scholarly and qualitative research with Hispanic parents in several cities nationwide and interviewed service providers about their communications needs and best practices. This data was used to create a research-based guide on effective communication strategies for connecting with Hispanic families.

OUTCOMES: The collaboration resulted in the production and dissemination of Reaching and Engaging with Latino Communities: A Research-Informed Communication Guide for Nonprofits, Policymakers and Funders, published in September of 2016. The Guide contains 16 recommendations for organizations to develop cost-effective, relevant, and culturally appropriate communications tools. These tools will allow nonprofit organizations nationwide to build their capacity to reach Spanish-speaking families, who might otherwise be excluded from programs and opportunities in areas such as education, health, English literacy, and job training. Crimsonbridge executive director, Danielle M. Reyes and Selma Caal, a research scientist at Child Trends, released the report at the Communications Network Annual Conference in Detroit, and it was distributed for free to public, private, and nonprofit sector outlets online and through a webinar that presented the findings to a national audience of more than 500 participants.