She Should Run…for office!

As a part of its 2020 Road to Run Series, She Should Run is offering webinars breaking down the decision of women to run for office. In the first webinar, “How to Ask a Woman to Run”, program officer Robyn Attebury Ellis learned that women running for political office are just as likely to win as men, but not as likely to be recruited. It shared why women’s representation matters and about common barriers like perceived lack of qualifications, and shared accessible tips for people who know a great leader considering a run. The session, which is now a free online video, featured a woman running for city leadership and her “power-mapping” process before deciding to run. She Should Run also suggested a piece of homework: for the girls in your life, introduce them to strong women leaders who problem-solve well and get things done. In addition, if you talk with a woman and nominate her to run, they’ll with encouraging words and guidance. Crimsonbridge Foundation is supporting the expansion of She Should Run’s virtual cohort programming in 2020.