Reopening Schools with Latino Families in Mind

As schools all over the country create plans for the fall, the Catholic School Advantage at the University of Notre Dame brought together Catholic school leaders to offer their perspectives on reopening, with a specific focus on Latino students and families. Program Officer Caitlin Furey Mayo listened alongside leaders to learn about the intentional strategies schools are using to communicate with families during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A central theme that emerged during the webinar is the importance of consistent and effective communications during this unprecedented time.  One principal shared that his school will be creating bilingual videos to help ease parents’ fears and concerns about the upcoming school year.  A superintendent encouraged school leaders to use multiple tools to reach families – WhatsApp, Facebook, robocalls, and email. Panelists agreed that nothing replaces face-to-face communications and recommended setting up a video call with parents when the technology is available.  To learn more, watch the recording of the webinar here.