College Completion Colleagues (C3) bring Innovation and Hope to the Field of College Success

Convening as partners is a central part of the C3 Initiative. This fall, the leadership and program teams of the six participating direct-service nonprofits and two foundations met to continue sharing practices and ideas to support college success work. On November 18th, Program Officer Robyn Attebury Ellis co-hosted a convening where C3 program directors shared innovative programming implemented to respond to immediate and constant barriers to local students’ success. Practices included: direct student support, mental wellness programming, career pathways support, and creative fundraising practices. On December 7th, Ellis and Executive Director Danielle M. Reyes co-facilitated a discussion with the C3 executive leaders that built on the momentum of the last two years. Leaders brainstormed ideas for partnering in new ways, shared data, and offered opportunities to improve persistence and completion for first-generation college students in the region.  This is the third year of the C3 Initiative.