The Crimsonbridge Group is a social investment and philanthropic platform dedicated to promoting education, developing leadership, and creating bridges of collaboration to affect positive, lasting social change.


The Crimsonbridge Group (CBG) has been actively engaged in the social sector for over 15 years. Led by Gabriela Smith, CBG designed and implemented numerous scholarship and educational programs for children and youth, on topics ranging from language learning, to empowering youth and leadership training. We are honored to collaborate with foundations, donor-advised funds and nonprofit organizations serving children and families, both domestically and internationally.

Our work includes the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships in education, to help bridge the education gap. Through our partnerships, educators working with underserved students have the same professional development opportunities as teachers in independent schools. The CBG collaborates closely with the Foundation, co-investing in many of its innovative programs.

Gabriela Smith leads both the Crimsonbridge Foundation and the CBG. The Foundation welcomed Danielle M. Reyes as its first Executive Director in the Fall of 2015, and has built a team of professionals with robust experience in different areas of the social sector, including philanthropy, donor-advised funds, strategic giving and foundation management, nonprofit and social work, as well as community service.

What we do

Crimsonbridge designs, evaluates and invests in high impact programs in education, leadership development and capacity building. We seek to harness the transformative power of strategic philanthropy, dedicated leadership and strong organizations, by cultivating collaboration within and across sectors. We seek to maximize our philanthropic impact by blending hands-on work and advice in a high engagement approach to our work.

Our Approach

We have a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to grantmaking and consider our support an investment in social change. We actively participate in our work, providing an innovative focus, strategic advice, collaboration with other organizations, and program development support. Our portfolio includes:​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​Transformative Investing, where we seek to develop innovative, strategic ways to address social problems, with measurable and sustainable results, to create lasting positive social impact.

High Engagement Investing, where we add value to​​​ our grants by contributing time and sector expertise;​​​ and help create bridges of collaboration within and across sectors.​​​​

​​​​Collaborative Investing, where we support well-established social impact organizations, and our grants focus on their mission and program support.​​​

What We Believe

We believe we are all agents of change in a global, interconnected landscape.

​Big and small, we are all needed as we seek to address society’s most challenging problems.

We believe that by doing what we do best, and working in collaboration with partners toward the same goals, we can make a meaningful, lasting difference, and amplify the impact of our collective work.​

We believe in the transformative power of education. Education is at the heart of all we do.