We are an entrepreneurial philanthropic organization seeking to design, partner with and invest in transformative and scalable solutions to affect breakthrough social impact. We focus our work on three main areas: education, nonprofit leadership development, and capacity building. We are driven by the conviction that advancing the nonprofit sector and working to improve and scale education are critical for our youth to succeed, our communities across America to prosper, and for our country to thrive. We believe that improving educational quality, access, and graduation rates for all students are key to building a strong future for our nation.

What Drives Us

The belief that there is talent, intelligence, and creativity ready to flourish in every child. The more children and youth realize their full potential, the more our country thrives socially and economically.

What We Seek

That every student in America has the true opportunity to succeed through education and grow as productive members of our communities. That parents are able to access information about programs to support their children.

Our Approach

Through partnerships and collaboration we work within and across sectors to develop innovative solutions, invest in successful programs, and work with nonprofits to augment their impact.


200+ Students

received support to work towards high school graduation at quality private and public schools.

10,000+ Families

accessed information about programs and services through new and effective communication resources.

100+ Nonprofit Leaders

advanced their skills to strengthen organizations and achieve greater impact in the community.

200+ Educators

encouraged students to reach their full potential using classroom strategies from Mind, Brain and Education Science.